Day Place Highlights
Day 1 Valparaiso Tours of the city and local wineries
Day 2 At Sea Enjoy the ships amenities
Day 3-4 Puerto Montt Tours through Puerto Montt, Puerto Chacabuco and Laguna San Rafael
Day 5-6 Chilean Fjords
Cruise through the fjords
Day 7 Punta Arenas Take part in excursions around Punta Arenas and Torres del Paine National Park
Day 8 At Sea Enjoy the ships amenities
Day 9 Ushuaia Explore the worlds Southern most city
 Day 10 At Sea Enjoy the ships amenities
Day 11 Falkland Islands Explore Stanley
 Day 12-13 At Sea Enjoy the ships amenities
Day 14-15 Montevideo and Punta del Este Spend time visiting the sites of Uruguay’s most popular cities.
 Day 16-17 Buenos Aires Spend time discovering Argentina’s capital.

Day 1 Valparaiso

Valparaiso Chile

The voyage begins in Valparaíso, Chile’s oldest and most important seaport, bustling with activity.  With its improvised urban design and unique architecture clinging to the hillsides, Valparaiso is a labyrinth of winding narrow streets, cobblestone alleyways and colourful hillside neighbourhoods. Guests can choose between three excursions in Valparaiso which include winery tours and tastings.

Featured Accommodation
Silver Muse
Silver Muse

The Silver Muse is the newest edition to the Silver Sea Fleet. Accommodating 596 guests the Silver Muse offers luxury cruising combining on shore excursions.

Day 2 At Sea



Spend your day enjoying on board wine tastings, designer boutiques, language and dance classes, a movie or relaxing by the pool. The choice is yours.

Day 3-4 Puerto Montt, Puerto Chacabuco, Laguna San Rafael

Puerto Varas


For most of its history, windy Puerto Montt was the end of the line for just about everyone travelling in the Lake District.  Now the Carretera Austral carries on southward, but for all intents and purposes Puerto Montt remains the region’s last significant outpost, a provincial city that is the hub of local fishing, textile, and tourist activity.  Today the city centre is full of malls, condos, and office towers – but away from downtown, Puerto Montt consists mainly of low clapboard houses perched above its bay, the Seno de Reloncaví.  If it’s a sunny day, head east to Playa Pelluco or one of the city’s other beaches.


The drive from Coyhaique to the town of Puerto Aisén and its port, Chacabuco, is beautiful.  The mist hangs low over farmland, adding a dripping somnolence to the scenery.  Dozens of waterfalls and rivers wend their way through mountain formations.  Yellow poplars surround charming rustic lodges, and sheep and cattle graze on mossy, vibrant fields.  The picture of serenity terminates at the sea, where the nondescript town of Puerto Aisén and its port Chacabuco, Coyhaique’s link to the ocean, sits, a conduit to further beauty.


Some 150 nautical miles south of Puerto Chacabuco lies Laguna San Rafael National Park.  Getting here is in itself a wonderful experience as the ship cruises through waterways, fjords and estuaries that offer stunning scenery.  Within the park is the tallest peak in the Southern Andes, Mount San Valentín at 13,310 feet.  Fields of ice extend over this mountain and the surrounding hills and from it 19 glaciers are born.  However, the most famous attraction is the Mount San Valentín glacier.  Here large blocks of ice can be seen calving off the glacier and crashing into the lake with a thunderous roar.  Truly an amazing sight!.

Day 5-8 Chilean Fjords, Punta Arenas and Garabaldi Glacier

Torres Del Paine Patagonia Chile


Winding through the vast expanses of the Chilean Fjords will reveal mountains looming on both sides, waterfalls, and the marvel of hardy flora clinging to barren rocks.  Seals and dolphins patrol the length of these uninhabited fjords as they have done for millennia.  Small fishing-boats come out of Punta Arenas luring fish and trapping for king crab, while terns dip and glide coaxing their own small fish out of the deep, dark fjord waters amongst tiny islands thick with vegetation.


Impenetrable forests, impassable mountains, and endless fields of ice define Chilean Patagonia, and meant that the region went largely unexplored until the beginning of the 20th century.  Located in the southernmost part of the country, this area is still sparsely inhabited, though you will find a few populated places – like the colourful provincial city of Punta Arenas, which looks like it’s about to be swept into the Strait of Magellan.  Some unique wildlife, particularly colonies of elephant seals and penguins, call this breathtaking topography home.

Day 9 Ushuaia

Ushuaia, Argentina


At 55 degrees latitude south, Ushuaia is the capital and tourism base for Tierra del Fuego, the island at the southernmost tip of Argentina.  Although its stark physical beauty is striking, Tierra del Fuego’s historical allure is based more on its mythical past than on rugged reality.  The island was inhabited for 6,000 years by Yámana, Haush, Selk’nam, and Alakaluf Indians.  But in 1902 Argentina, eager to populate Patagonia to bolster its territorial claims, moved to initiate an Ushuaian penal colony, establishing the permanent settlement of its most southern territories and, by implication, everything in between.

Day 10-11 At Sea and Stanley, Falkland Islands



Tiny Stanley, capital of the Falklands, seems in many ways like a British village fallen out of the sky. Many homes are painted in bright colours, adding visual appeal to this distant outpost.  Not far offshore, the wreck of the Lady Elizabeth is one of the many vessels remaining as a silent testimonial to the region’s frequent harsh weather conditions.  The islands, also known by their Spanish name of Islas Malvinas, are home to arguably more tuxedo-clad inhabitants of the penguin variety than human residents.  Various species, such as Gentoo, Magellanic and the more elusive King penguins, either live here permanently or use the Falklands as a stopover on their migration route.

Day 12-13 At Sea



Spend two days enjoying the ships facilities and restaurants. Keep your eye out for sea birds including the majestic albatross.

Day 14-15 Montevideo & Punta Del Este, Uruguay



Uruguay’s capital city hugs the eastern bank of the Río de la Plata.  A massive coastal promenade (malecón) that passes fine beaches, restaurants, and numerous parks recalls the sunny sophistications of the Mediterranean and is always dotted with Montevideans strolling, exercising, and lounging along the water.  Montevideo has its share of glitzy shopping avenues and modern office buildings, balanced with its historic old city and sumptuous colonial architecture, as well as numerous leafy plazas and parks.  It is hard not to draw comparisons to Buenos Aires across the river, and indeed Montevideo strikes many as a calmer, more manageable incarnation of Argentina’s capital.


Part Hamptons, part Cote d’Azur, part South Beach (with a dash of Vegas tossed in for good measure), Punta del Este is a flashy destination. “Punta” (five minutes here and you’ll shorten the name just as everyone else does!) and the handful of surrounding beachfront communities are, famously, jet-set resorts – places where lounging on golden sand and browsing designer boutiques constitute the day’s most demanding activities.  The resort takes its name from the “east point” marking the division of the Río de la Plata on the west from the Atlantic Ocean to the east.  It also lends its name to the broader region encompassing the nearby communities of Punta Ballena and La Barra de Maldonado.

Day 16-17 Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Buenos Aires is a charming, sophisticated city with a strong European influence and culture.  With its blend of Spanish, French and Italian architectural styles, its great variety of nightspots, and its cultural life, it is often referred to as the ‘South American Paris’.  Enjoy dinner and a night of music and tango at Esquina Carlos Gardel, one of the excellent venues where typical songs and dances are performed.

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