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Anavilhanas Lodge

About Anavilhanas Lodge

Location: Anavilhanas National Park, Brazil.

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge is a cozy jungle hotel in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon, situated on Negro River (Rio Negro) in front of Anavilhanas National Park (Parque Nacional de Anavilhanas), 180km from Manaus.

The Lodge offers a range of experiences including hiking in the Madada caves, hiking in the forest, touring the archipelago by boat, canoeing through the forest, nocturnal sightseeing, pink dolphins, recreational piranha fishing,  a visit to the local community learning about local traditions. Spend your days exploring the forest, learning about your surroundings and returning to a beautiful lodge where you can watch the sunset from the riverside bar or enjoy a swim in the pool.

Choose between cottages, bungalows or panoramic bungalows with stunning views of the forests. All guests are transferred from Manaus to the Anavilhanas Lodge by mini van or you can treat yourself to a transfer on a sea plane arriving in style.

Anavilhanas National Park

Anavilhanas National Park is located in the state of Amazonas and covers the territory of Iranduba, Manaus and Novo Airão. Siturated on the Rio Negro (Black River) the park is make up of approx 400 islands with a preserved area of 350018ha, the park was first created as an ecologial station and in 2008 officially became a National Park. This National Park is a great place to spot Pink and Grey Dolphins.

Anavilhanas Lodge – Rooms

Anavilhanas Lodge’s Cottages have AC, mini bar, safe, hairdryer and hot shower. On the balcony there is a hammock with views of the jungle. The cottage can be configured in single, double or triple rooms. In the cottage there is a king size bed or two single beds. An extra bed can be provided for triple share.

Anavilhanas Lodge’s Bungalows have AC, a ceiling fan, minibar, safe, hair dryer, hot shower and LCD TV. There is a balcony with views of the forest and two hammocks to relax in. The bungalow can be single, double, or triple bed configuration.

Anavilhanas Lodge’s Panoramic Rooms are 70 square metres and have a 10 long galss wall overlooking the rain forest. The Panoramic rooms have AC, a ceiling fan, mini bar, safe, hair dryer, bathtub, hot shower, LCD TV, a living room and a balcony with a hammock. The Panoramic Rooms can be double, triple or quadruple share.

Anavilhanas Lodge – Activities

Anavilhanas Lodge Canoe

See the forest from the rivers and steams on your own canoe. This is a great way to explore the riverbank and watch the wildlife as you glide quietly down the streams.

Nocturnal Sighseeing
Anavilhanas lodge nightlife

Explore the forest by starlight looking for sloths, snakes alligators and birds. The sounds of the night add to the adventure.

Pink Dolphins
Anavilhanas Lodge pink dolphin

Explore the canals, lakes and islands of one of the world’s largest rivers in search of Pink and Grey Dolphins.

Anavilhanas Lodge Wildlife

With experienced guides explore areas of the forest learning about flora and fauna, wild fruit, survival strategies and medicinal herbs.

Local Community Visit
Anavilhanas Lodge Aerea

Take a canoe on the Rio Negro and visit a local caboclo community. Learn about their lifestyle, traditions, agriculture and social structure.

Piranha Fishing
Anavilhanas Lodge Canoe Fishing

In wooden canoes head out with some basic fishing equipment to try to catch a piranha. From September to December when fishing is not allowed explore the forest by foot instead.

Bow and Arrow Practice
Anavilhanas Lodge Archery

Sharpen your bow and arrow skills using Waimiri-Atroari’s original artifacts and techniques. This is a nice introduction to the indigenous traditions and way of life.

Hiking in the Madada Caves
Anavilhanas Lodge Madada Caves

Take a motorboat tour up the river crossing the northern region of the archipelago. Enjoy a 3 hour hike through peculiar rock formations at Madada caves finishing with a picnic and panoramic views.

Sunrise Excursion
Anavilhanas Lodge Sunrise

Leaving at dawn you will visit the islands to watch the sun rise and the activity of the forest during this busy time of the day. Soak up the colours as first rays of light hit the forest canopy.


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