Casas Brancas Boutique Hotel & Spa


Casas Brancas Boutique Hotel & Spa

About Casas Brancas Boutique Hotel & Spa

Location: Búzios, Brazil.

Established in 1974, from humble beginnings Casas Brancas Boutique Hotel & Spa started with only four rooms when Búzios was just a remote fishing village. The owners set out with the intentions of creating a small inn for adventurous tourists, interested in remote and poetic places. Over the years the family run business has stayed commited to quality and style providing a luxurious stay in a unique location. The Mediterranean-style terraces and panoramic views are invitations for relaxation and well-being. With the privledged location, above Orla Bardot, the property is walking distance to downtown along with the best restaurants and beaches in the city.

Casas Brancas Hotel & Spa Apartments

The Loft is Casas Brancas’ newest and most exclusive experience. A space where the breeze and natural light blend with the best view of the sea Casas Brancas has to offer, the 160 metre squared apartments compose the elegant and only rooftop room of the hotel. A private elevator, a spacious veranda with sun loungers facing sunset, two bathrooms and it’s independent kitchen recreate a unique and unforgettable stay.

Casa Branca’s Suite is a unique apartment, showing sophistication in every detail. Featuring a pool inside and a spacious balcony with a breathtaking view of Armação Bay you may never want to leave. In the 60 metre squares of the room it features a sofa, sun lounger on the porch, abundance of amenities and a Nespresso coffee machine.

The Casas Brancas Master Suite category offers the possibility to enjoy a complete experience of style, comfort and well-being. With remarkable sophistication in decor and architecture, the Master Suites are designed to provide absolute rest and privacy. They feature a great view of the sea, spacious balconies and abundant natural light. All of the suites feature armchairs or loungers on the balcony. The spaces in this category range from 43 to 50 metres squared. All rooms feature different architecture and decor so you are ensured to receive an exclusive experience.

The Junior Suite category at Casas Brancas is characterised by the exclusivity and the impeccable views out to the sea. Soft white and straw tones harmonise perfectly with beautifully decorated settings in these rooms. Certain elements like a bathtub and the chairs on the balcony complement this space with elegance and comfort. This apartment has a space of 45 metres squared and provides all amenities needed for a laid-back stay.

The Deluxe category apartments at Casa Brancas have a private balcony with a stunning sea view. An atmosphere full of Mediterranean style, allied to the abundant natural light, makes this space an invitation to rest and relax. In this category the apartments vary between 30 and 40 metres squared; also with amenities to compliment your stay.

Its small balconies in the Casas Brancas Superior Rooms offer a magnificent view of the sea. The clear and quiet ambience properly reflects the concept of the hotel. The soft tones of the decor, coupled with the brightness of the room, accentuate the serenity and well-being. The apartments vary between 25 and 30 metres squared in comfort and style.

The Classic Casas Brancas apartments offer a beautiful view of the Bay, allowing you to enjoy simply unforgettable sunsets. They have an abundance of natural light and a decor that blends both classic and contemporary elements. The apartments vary between 22 and 30 metres squared and most of them can accommodate up to 3 people.

The Standard category of apartments at Casas Brancas do not have a view to the sea; however they retain all the comfort and identity of the Casas Brancas style, offering excellent well-being and tranquility. The rooms vary between 20 and 30 metres squared; some have a small balcony and others are designed to accommodate from one to four people with comfort and style.

The Junior Standard Apartments at Casas Brancas, the most economical category, do not have a sea view. The rooms are a representation of an apartment that offers the characteristic simplicity and comfort of the hotel. With more affordable prices, this option gives guests the full experience of Casas Brancas services. The accommodation is around 20 metres squared and can accommodate up to two people in a clean and elegant environment.

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