Chalten Camp Experience, Argentina

Chalten Camp Experience, Argentina

Alex Burridge – November 2022
MD South America Travel Centre

This almost brand new off grid camp had only just opened (I think day three after a two-year Covid enforced delay).  It’s located about 3.5km out of the small frontier town of El Chalten.  This was my second visit to El Chalten, the first some 17 years earlier, afforded very brief glimpses of the stunning mountain scenery from the Laguna Los Tres trek.  As  result I didn’t realise you could see the mountains from afar, or even from the town, hence for the last hour of the trip I was enthralled by the views of Mt Fitzroy.  On any clear day they form a stunning back-drop to this magical place (on my first trip it was cloudy and the peaks only made a brief appearance).

Chalten Yurts offers comfortable en-suite accomodation

Certainly a room with a view – an incredible view

A larger Yurt acts as the dining area serving breakfast and dinner


To compare Chalten Camp with Patagonia Camp is probably not appropriate – they are quite different, Chalten Camp is off-grid, more simple/rustic and has an Argentinean charm all of its own.  As mentioned it’s out of town and taxis will pick you up/drop you off for approximately USD$10.  Or you can take a half hour hike.

The Yurts offer incredible views across the Valley to Mt Fitzroy.  They are comfortable, en-suite with hot water and when it’s cold there’s an in-room wood burning heater (even hot water bottles).  The Yurts can get quite warm if it’s very sunny/warm (which it was for the three nights we stayed).  Meals are wholesome and packed lunches are made to take with you on the trail (lunch is not offered at the Camp).

Having been spoilt a little by Patagonia Camp it took a day for the Camp to grow on us – and it did – by the end I wished I had more time to relax and enjoy this very welcoming place.

Fitzroy from Chalten Camp

Chalten Camp – 3.5 km fr5om El Chalten

Mt Fitzroy trek

Self-guided hikes are usually the go at El Chalten, the trail head is right on the edge of town and very clearly marked.  The Laguna Los Tres hike is a good 22km and the last hour or two is steep uphill.  The views that greet you at the top are magnificent – it was a wonderful feeling being back there after such a long time – and this time on a beautiful, clear, warm day (more usually encountered later in the season).  I’ve quite often checked the weather on my phone for El Chalten since returning and I think we had the warmest three days of the current trekking season.

The owner/manager of Chalten Camp has excellent experience having managed other high-end properties like Awasi Iguassu hence I am sure the property will develop well.

Fitzroy Trek El Chalten

El Chalten Argentina

Local brewery and Cafe

The small town of El Chalten has grown a lot since my last visit (it really was a one-horse town), it now has a few gift shops, and cafes and a couple of new hotels.  The Brewery ‘La Cervecería Chaltén’ is in my opinion a must visit place.  It holds the 2nd business permit ever to be issued for El Chalten and is run by people who love what they do.  Great beer, wine and some very tasty and wholesome food which after the trek tasted just fabulous, so good, we had to go back the next day…