Colours of Buenos Aires

Colours of Buenos Aires

Alex Burridge – November 2022
MD South America Travel Centre

Argentina’s capital is a beautiful and colourful gateway city more than worthy of a few nights to wander and explore.

The Plaza de Mayo is home to the Pink House, which is the official office of the president as well as several other important and attractive buildings.  Take a walk down Defensa Street on a weekend and you’ll find street stalls with locally made handicrafts, the Iglesia y Convento de San Francisco, if you keep going and you’ll reach De Los Cojones Bar (a Tapas bar popular with locals and travellers alike).

Street Art Buenos Aires


Church of Convento de San Francisco

Casa Rosada, Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires


Palermo Soho is a small area on Palermo’s south-western edge. Is the bohemian area of Buenos Aires and has many boutique hotels from which to explore the cafes, restaurants, street markets and street art found in this developing area of the city. The atmosphere in many cafés and restaurants strives to be “alternative”, which makes this area of the city especially popular with young, upper-middle-class Argentines as well as travellers.

Carbernet is a restaurant worth looking out; it’s popular with the locals.

Carbernet Restaurant Palermo Soho

Places to stay Palermo Soho

Legado Mitico
Hotel Nuss

Street Art


Originally founded by Italian migrants from Genoa La Boca has an interesting history (at one stage seceding from Argentina raising the Genoese flag).  Caminito is likely one of the most famous streets in Buenos Aires and home to very colourfully painted houses, it first became famous for the Caminito Tango.  Several artists display some beautiful paintings depicting the area and the tango.

A few hundred metres from Caminito you’ll find the home of the world-renowned football club Boca Juniors, whose most famous players included Carlos Tevez and after perhaps after Pele the most famous football (soccer) players in the world Diego Maradona.  One edge of stadium has some excellent street art telling the story of the area and the club.  Given Argentina’s recent World Cup win definitely worth a visit.


The Colours of Argentina’s Flag are reported to come from a ship.

Maradona and company

Tango Dancers, by muralist Martin Ron

Close to La Boca this art adorns several tower blocks.

Carlos Teves


Recoleta is where many of our guests stay it’s famous for the cemetery where Eva Peron is buried.
On weekends there is a great street market with local artists and artisans selling their wares.

Basilica of our lady of the Pilar, Buenos Aires

Places to stay Recoleta

It’s home to a couple of boutique hotels like Sileo Hotel and Hub Porteno and the more classic like Loi Suites Recoleta and the grand Alvear Palace.

Our guides will help you get to know the city; they enjoy showing off their home town.

There is arguably no better and more colourful way to end your time in BA than by experiencing the Tango Rojo at the elegant Faena Buenos Aires.

Tango Rojo, Faena Hotel, Buenos Aires