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Cristalino Lodge

About Cristalino Lodge

Location: Southern Amazon, Brazil

The Cristalino Lodge blends perfectly in with its surrounds beside the River Cristalino, within a private forest reserve in the southern part of the Brazilian Amazon region. The jungle is your backyard and the experienced staff at the lodge help you to explore it endlessly. Relax in your room with a cosy bed, refreshing baths, a soothing hammock and every convenience close at hand. In the bar, there is an inviting log fire that burns next to the river. The deck provides a view of the night sky full of stars, whilst the restaurant compliments the beautiful surrounds by serving delicious candlelight dinners. The Cristalino Lodge is commited to the environment and responsible travel by giving back to the local community and contributing strongly to sustainability.

Cristalino Lodge Activities

Half-Day Tours

Cristalino Lodge

A wide range of outdoor activities is available at Cristalino Lodge. The half-day tours take place each morning and afternoon. The activities include: canoeing, hiking in trails, visit to the observation towers, fauna & flora observation and boat trips. The hotel provides specialized local guides to ensure that you get the best out of your experience.


Cristalino Lodge Canoeing

With the quiet and peaceful nature of canoeing at Cristalino Lodge, it frequently provides excellent opportunities to observe birds and monkeys along the river banks. A great option is to combine canoeing with hiking, walking a trail in the morning and returning to the lodge in a canoe.

Observation Towers

Cristalino Lodge Observation Towers

For a unique Amazon experience – you must not miss out on a visit to one of Cristalino Lodges Observation Towers. Since some of the trees reach a height of 45 metres, the towers provide the perfect platform for observing the birds and wildlife that inhabit the forest canopy.

Fauna & Flora

Cristalino Lodge Red Nosed Saki Monkey

The biodiversity of the Brazilian fauna and flora can be found at Cristalino Lodge. Keep an eye out for the harpy eagle, tapir, giant otter, white-whiskered spider monkey, red-handed howler monkey, cryptic forest falcon, brimson-bellied parakeey, black-girdled barbet, crested owl as well as Brazil nut trees.

Boat Trips

Cristalino Lodge Boat Trips

Many of the trails at Cristalino Lodge are only accessible by boat, enabling you to observe wildlife along the river during your journey. You will be joined by experienced guides as you travel the surrounding rivers and waterways around the lodge.


Cristalino Lodge Trails

The 30 kilometres of trails within the Cristalino Lodge, explored in small groups, provide an understanding of the tropical ecosystem. The trails pass through different types of vegetation, such as terra firma forest, wetland forest, tropical campinarana and upland areas where deciduous forest predominates.

Cristalino Lodge Rooms

The Special Bungalow at Cristalino Lodge can accommodate up to 4 people in either a double bed or two single beds along with two sofa beds in an ante-room. There is a spacious bathroom equipped with a hot water shower, a ceiling fan, armchairs with footrests, 110V electrical sockets, an outside bathtub in a private garden, outside shower and a veranda with a hammock. The bungalow is privately located within the native forest of the hotel’s grounds. Special amenities from Granado, soft robes and luxury Egyptian cotton towels complement the room to ensure you have an exceptional stay. The room size is 79 metres squared.

The Bungalow at Cristalino Lodge can accommodate up to four people with either a double or two single beds along with two sofa beds. The spacious bathroom has a shower. There is a ceiling fan in the room, WiFi internet, armchairs with footrests, 110V electricity sockets, an additional outdoor shower in a private garden, a veranda and a hammock. The room size is 75 metres squared.

The Junior Bungalows at Cristalino Lodge have their own private veranda with wooden benches, and a large pivoting door that synchronise the external and internal areas. You can accommodate 1-3 guests in either three single beds or one king size bed . There is a reading desk, along with armchairs to look out into the lush forest. The Junior Bungalow has a ceiling fan, large windows with stainless steel screen with a natural ventilation system, bringing in a refreshing breeze of the forest. The room is serviced by a spacious bathroom with three sections, with two showers- one of which is external and has its own lovely private garden. The room size is 60 metres squared.

The Cristalino Lodge Superior Room’s can accommodate one or two people in either a double bed or two single beds. The room has two showers, one in the bathroom and one private outdoor one, a writing desk, ceiling fan, WiFi, armchairs, 110V electricity sockets and a veranda with a hammock. The room is 53 metres squared.

The Standard Room at Cristalino Lodge can accommodate up to three people in up to three single beds and decorated with local handicrafts. There are private bathrooms with toilets in each rooms. The rooms are 22 metres squared.

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