The Ghosts of Patagonia – Pumas

The Ghosts of Patagonia – Pumas

These elusive cats are found throughout the Americas, where they’re known by three different names; mountain lion, cougar and puma.  In South America they’re found in rainforests as well as in the mountainous region of Patagonia.

Puma Patagonia

As with any shy animal time and a little bit of luck are needed to see one.  It appears that South America Travel Centre’s Travel Specialists; Alana, Cinzia and Hayley are all lucky having seen these beautiful cats whilst travelling in Patagonia.

Cinzia’s most recent trip is a perfect reminder that you should always carry a spare battery as on the drive back to her lodge Cinzia and her fellow travellers had an amazing encounter with a Puma – and yes you’ve guessed it a dead battery.  Of course Cinzia will always have her memory of that wonderful moment where the ‘ghost of Patagonia’ showed before once again disappearing into the rugged wilderness.

Hiking Through Cascada Ecocamp

If you’re particularly interested in seeing a Puma in Patagonia, EcoCamp offer a specialist Patagonia Puma Tracking – Wildlife Photo Adventure departing from October to March. Contact us on 1300 784 794 or email

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