Giants of Guyana

Giants of Guyana

Alex Burridge- Managing Director South America Travel Centre

Guyana, one of the last largely unexplored frontiers in South America, is a land where everything is on a supersized scale. Aside from its giant trees and epic waterfalls, it is home to many of the continents – and often the worlds – biggest creatures.

Kaieteur Falls

Kaieteur Falls, Guyana

First to mention is Kaieteur Falls, nestled in Guyana’s region of the Amazon Rainforest measuring a perplexing 228m tall and 100m wide. The falls are the highest single drop waterfalls in the world at almost 5 times the height of Niagara Falls. Guyana also homes Giant River Otters, one of the world’s largest otter species. They once frequently roamed South America’s tropical lowland rainforests and wetlands but are now sadly endangered.

Giant forest otter

Giant River Otter

In the North Rupununi region of southern Guyana, Giant Anteaters roam the land which can grow up to 2m long. When cornered, these giants will lash out their large claws and are able to fight off a puma or jaguar.  One of the world’s largest freshwater fish call Guyana home- at more than 3m long the Arapaima can weigh up to an incredible 180kg.

Giant Anteater- Karanambu Lodge

Giant Anteater

In Guyana you will find the world’s largest spider- the South American Goliath Birdeater. With legs spanning to a width of 30 centimetres, it is likely to be the only spider in the world that can be heard as it walks the forest floor.

Birdeating spider

South American Goliath Birdeater

Harpy Eagle’s, the biggest and most powerful raptors in the Americas roam Guyana’s skies whilst Anacondas and Jaguars, respectively the largest reptile and feline in the western hemisphere prowl the jungles. Giant floras are well represented by Guyana’s many huge trees, as well as by the Victoria Amazonica lily that is featured on the country’s coat of arms, with leaves 3m across and a submerged stalk that can reach up to 7-8m long.

Victoria Amazonica

Victoria Amazonica Lily

The country’s small and dispersed Amerindian population is warm and welcoming, eager to share its traditional knowledge of the rainforest and its rich treasures. The spirit of community in Guyana is strong and unmistakably evident at every turn.  Our experienced specialists can create a tailor-made Guyana itinerary to satisfy everyone’s exploration desires. A trip to Guyana to visit the impressive wildlife and flora will stay with you forever and make you believe that giants really do roam the earth.