Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica


Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica

About Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica

Location: Tambopata, Peru. Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica lodge is situated deep in the heart of a private rainforest reserve, just an hour by boat from Puerto Maldonado. This rustically elegant lodge is a complex of 35 thatched and lantern-lit cabañas built in traditional indigenous style and each with a large attractively furnished bedroom, private facilities and a screened porch with hammocks.The heart of the lodge is the central Amazon Pavilion, a beautiful two-storey building with a lounge and spacious dining room. Its upstairs loggias, with big balconies overlooking the Madre de Dios River and the surrounding forest, are ideal for relaxing at day’s end and enjoying a pre-dinner cocktail.


Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica Suite

Enjoy rustic luxury in the Ese eja (native) style wooden cabana. This suite is 60 square metres and includes one king or 2 twin beds with canopy mosquito net,  a spacious bathroom with shower, toilet, double basins, hot water, large towels, and eco friendly toiletries. Bathrobes, rubber soled slippers, umbrellas, flashlights, kerosene lamps ceiling fan and hammocks are all included in your suite.

Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica Tambopata Suite

This rain forest retreat comprises of a private covered terrace with a plunge pool as well as sunbathing chairs and an outdoor shower. The suite is elegantly styled using Ese Eja (native) style wood with fishtail palm rooftops. The suite is 78 square metres with one king or two twin beds, canopy mosquito nets and a ceiling fan. Enjoy the use of bathrobes and rubber slippers along with rain forest gear including: umbrellas, flashlights and kerosene lamps. The bathroom has a shower and toilet, double basins, hot water, lush towels and eco-friendly toiletries. You are able to relax in the screened siesta lounge furnished with hammocks.

Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica Superior Rio Room

With an expansive view of the Madre de Dios River from the comfortable Ese Eja (native) style Superior Rio Room, guests enjoy a spacious 38 square metres with twin bed set up and canopy mosquito nets. The open plan bathroom with a separate stall for the shower and toilet includes large towels, hot water, bathrobes, rubber soled slippers and eco-friendly toiletries. The cabana includes a screened lounge area with hammocks.

Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica Superior Room

The 38 square metre Superior cabana has a twin bed set up is in Ese Eja (native) style with a high thatched roof and ceiling fan. Bathrobes and rubber slippers are supplied along with eco-friendly toiletries. The spacious bathroom has a toilet and shower, hot water and large towels. Enjoy a rest in the hammock in the screened siesta area. In your room you will find umbrellas, flashlights, kerosene lamps.

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