OCIO Chiloe


OCIO Chiloe


Location: Castro Los Lagos, Chiloé Island, Chile.

Providing privileged views of the Castro Fjord and spread across 49 acres, the OCIO Territorial Hotel treats its guests to an authentic Chiloé experience in an unforgettable location. Paths which service the property weave guests through Native Forests, provide beach access and take you to several lookouts to admire the deep fjords and the unique wooden stilt houses of Castro. Built entirely of woods from southern Chile, OCIO was designed to harmonise with the stunning nature on which it is located and offers its guests different ways of enjoying the hotel within all of its geographic dimensions. Four different room categories ensure something for everyone whether it is your entire family or a romantic escape, you’re bound to experience high levels of comfort coinciding with an intimate connection to your surroundings.



OCIO Hotel - Culture

Discover the wooden churches of Chiloé, their importance within the community and how they became honoured as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Share in authentic experiences such as harvesting potatoes, visiting remote islands in the archipelago, wandering through local markets and witness the local way of cooking.


OCIO from above

Pristine wilderness and amazing landscapes are around every corner in Chiloé, such as in the Chiloe National Park. Created in 1982, there are multiple species of plants and wildlife, some of them endemic such as the “Chilote” fox, the “Monito del Monto” marsupial native only to the South West region of South America and many more.


OCIO Hotel

By land or sea the authentic Chiloé adventure is waiting for you. Whether it is the famous ghost ship, local produce, untamed nature, magical waterfalls or unmistakable hospitality – it is all part of the adventure.


Situated on the second floor of the central building, the Standard Suites offer 30 square metres equipped with everything guests need for their time in OCIO territorial hotel. Centrally located to the restaurant and lounge area it is a fantastic room to enjoy the hotels facilities. Large windows in each suite provide views of the fjords and the city of Castro inviting you to contemplate the beauty surrounding you.

Large windows facing the fjord and city of Castro effortlessly combine with thoughtful and traditional architecture for guests in the Suite with Terrace. The private terrace is perfect for relaxing in and taking in the beauty surrounding you.

Individually themed the Deluxe Suites are intended to mimic the elements of nature; Earth, Wind and Forest. Measuring a spacious 62 to 70 square metres, along with a private terrace provide privledged views.

As the former house of the property owners, the Lodge House is equipped to host 6 to 11 people, making it ideal for families or groups of friends. There is a homely atmosphere with a Chilote fireplace. The large terrace offers rewarding views of the Fjord and Castro City. The House has 2 floors with 4 rooms, each with private bathrooms.


Tenaùn – Mechuque
7 hours

Boat navigation, visit the viewpoint “muelle de las islas (islands dock), bird watching

Lemuy Island.
8 hours

Heritage churches, native forest, wood craftsmen. This excursion takes place on the third largest island in the Archipelago. Nature and local traditions will be part of this adventure. Crossing its forests, visit heritage churches and picturesque coastal towns. Enjoy lunch in a typical environment of Chiloé, and to end with a walk along the beach, where you will see unique flora and fauna of the place.

Churches Route.
7 hours

Visit the UNESCO world heritage churches, well known for the Chilota architecture used with native woods.

Dalcahue – Quinchao island.
6 hours

Visit the heritage churches and an artisan market.

Chiloé National Park.
8 hours

This excursion through the Chiloé National Park is a journey to immerse yourself in its infinite nature and great biodiversity. Connect and get to known its flora and fauna, and live a natural experience on the Pacific coast surrounded by the nature of its evergreen forest.

8 hours

Travel to the northwest of the island to learn about the conservation project of 300 hectares of native forest. In this area you can visit a sunken forest as a result of the tsunami caused by the 1960 earthquake. If weather allows, navigate the scenic Rio Chepu where birds such as cormorants, herons and ducks can be spotted.

City Tour Dalcahue
8 hours

In this excursion, visit the city of Dalcahue where you will have the opportunity to visit local markets, craft fairs, churches, museums and rich gastronomy. This tour mixes city and nature, you will visit a natural park, an island and some beaches.

Pingüineras Islote Conejo.
8 hours

Travel to the town of Queilen, where you will venture out to visit the Magellan penguin colonies, present here during the summer season. In this navigation you can enjoy the landscape and experience on board, whilst tasting the local seafood. You will be able to spot many different species of birds such as penguins, cormorants, seagulls, Chilean dolphins and southern dolphins. Between the months of April and May, it is also possible to observe colonies of Fin Whales that visit the sector.

Fjord and city of Castro
3 hours

Navigate through the fjords, visit the heritage churches and artisan market.

Peninsula de Rilan.
4 hours

On this tour you will visit and get to known the rural life of the properties neighbours in the Rilan Peninsula with their cultural wealth and their own identity. Learn about life in the chilote countryside.

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