Patagonia with Tierra

Patagonia with Tierra

Alex Burridge – November 2022
MD South America Travel Centre

As with Tierra Chiloe, Tierra Patagonia offers sumptuous views, this time of the Paine Massif.  Again just like Tierra Chiloe, Tierra Patagonia is beautifully designed and hugs the ground close to lake Sarmiento.  As with all Tierra properties there are many options for exploring; short walks and long treks, horse rides with local gauchos (on very calm horses), drives that combine short walks that enable you to discover the beauty of the region – the choice is yours.

I suggest it’s also worth ensuring you have time to enjoy your surrounds; to relax in the bar, or the outdoor hot tub, or the indoor spa pool, or take a short walk to lake Sarmiento’s edge – just to relax and re-charge.


With just two full days we chose a variety of trips: the horse ride, a 20km hike to the Base of the Towers and a shorter hike.  Perhaps in another addition I’ll write about the trek – as it was challenging as well as beautiful.  It was Springtime and like Melbourne the weather changes a lot, just not three seasons in a day but in one hour.

As is often the case a few images better tell the story of the beauty of the region and of Tierra Patagonia.

Entrance to Torres del Paine Park, Chile

Looking back from Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine from outside Tierra Patagonia

Tierra Patagonia, three seasons in one hour

At the starting point of the Torres Base Camp Trek

Lenga Beech Forest, Torres Base camp Trek

Estancia Lazo, Tierra Patagonia

Great Horned Owl (on horse ride)

Native to Southern Patagonia Anarthrophyllum

Tierra Patagonia, room with a view

The view, Torres del Paine

Lounge, bar and dining area Tierra Patagonia


At the risk of indulging my love for wildlife I have to mention I finally got to see a puma, three of them actually.  I’ve lost count how many years I’d been searching on walks, drives and horse rides, in and around Patagonia, to see a puma and finally there they were; a mother and two sub adult cubs (as it happens quite close to the road).  Our guide (who also loved his wildlife and had been working for Tierra Patagonia for 9 years) explained that numbers are recovering as the park and the local farmers are working together to protect them; so just maybe you’ll get to see one too.

Sub-adult male Puma

Adult female is farthest from camera (more brown colouration)

Puma siblings

Tierra Patagonia ranks as one of the best properties from which to explore Torres del Paine.  It’s no secret, as such properties book out during the December to March period.  To be sure of allowing us to create the best itinerary for you please don’t delay too long as despite the challenges of the last 3 years Tierra Patagonia is now full for the next few months and already filling for 2023 peak season.

Chilean Flamingos