Ecuador Amazon Anakonda - Manatee -5D-4N (& 8 Day Itineraries)



Named after the infamous serpent found in the Amazon, the Anakonda ship winds itself through the waterways of the Ecuadorian Amazon with grace and ease. Relax on board the modern and highly equipped river expedition vessel on one of their well planned, unforgettable itineraries. Step on board the Anakonda and make yourself at home with thoughtful touches and plenty of communal spaces to relax and unwind in. Enjoy a drink in the refreshing cool water outdoor jacuzzi, read a book on one of the lounge chairs on the alfresco lounge and take in the sights and sounds of one of the most beautiful places on earth. Enjoy authentic Ecuadorian dishes with their irresistible Amazonian ingredients either on the terrace or in the indoor dining room.  All of the 18 suites on board, 4 of which are deluxe are spacious and well designed featuring large comfortable beds and sitting areas with private bathrooms, floor to ceiling windows and air-conditioning for your comfort. The Deluxe Suites also feature Jacuzzi bathtubs and private balconies.  The Anakonda is a fantastic option for exploring the Peruvian Amazon in style and comfort and particularly great for families.

This itinerary departs Sunday on the Anakonda.

Manatee Amazon Ecuador

The Manatee is a modern vessel built in 2017 specifically to explore the Amazon Rainforest. WIth first class social areas, spacious suites and excellent cuisine you will be in comfort while cruising through this remote region. The expert naturalists take guests on the motorised canoes to explore the river bank, clay licks, trails and climb the observation tower. Visit local communities and for the more adventurous there is kayaking available as well as an option to camp overnight in the forest (optional activity for 5 and 8 day itineraries). Onboard there is plenty to do with cooking classes, educational lectures and traditional handicraft making.

This itinerary departs Friday on the Manatee.

Day 1 Quito, Coca, Napo River


Your adventure begins in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. After a 30-minute flight from Quito to the Amazonian city of Coca, you will be transferred to the dock to board the motorized canoe for a 90-minute journey down the river, taking in the Amazon, until you reach the Anakonda Amazon Cruise and receive your welcome aboard. On the Anakonda, you will be joined by expert local naturalist guides, who will provide you with a brief, informative introduction to the Ecuadorian Amazon; afterwards, you will have the opportunity to explore your cruise ship and admire the rain forest landscape as you glide down the Napo River. After dinner, take a nighttime forest walk to observe the rain forest’s nocturnal activity and vividly experience its biodiversity first-hand.

Day 2 Pañayacu Biological Corridor

White Caiman

Travel downstream to the Pañayacu River delta, where you will take a canoe trip to Pañacocha Lake (“Piranha Lake” in the native Kichwa), an ecosystem flooded by black-waters. The surrounding protected rainforest is home to primates and birds, and is the perfect habitat for piranhas, paiches (one of the largest freshwater fishes in the world), the white caiman, and hundreds of other aquatic animals. You will participate in nature walks led by local naturalist guides, and relax at a nearby campsite, where you will enjoy an Amazon-style BBQ. After lunch, enjoy some kayaking and swimming activities. Back on board the Anakonda, the guests will have the opportunity to attend a lecture and watch an educational documentary about the region.

Day 3 Parrot Clay Licks – Amazonian Communities & Observation Tower

Parrot Clay Lick

In the morning you will set out on canoes to observe one of the most incredible sights on this side of the Western Amazon, the parrot clay licks. This unique place is rich in minerals and attracts hundreds of colorful parrots, parakeets and amazon birds. Afterwards, you will visit a Kichwa Cultural Center, where you will learn about Amazon communities and their ancestral culture, traditions, and cuisine. Members of the local community will teach you about indigenous lifestyles along the Napo River, and you will have the opportunity to support the community by purchasing handicrafts, local products, and souvenirs. Before sunset, visit an observation tower in the rain forest canopy, which offers an astonishing 360-degree view of the Amazon basin. Bird-lovers will especially enjoy this outing.

Day 4 Indillama Napo River – The Northern Side of Yasuní National Park

Canoe Yasuni National Park

Begin the day kayaking on the Indillama River towards Yasuní National Park. Kayaks are smooth and silent, providing the very best opportunity to observe wildlife. Canoes can also be used to travel in search of more wildlife. After an adventure-filled day, guests can take advantage of the observation deck and experience a magical view under the stars. More energetic guests can choose to unwind with a night walk through the jungle in search of nocturnal creatures.

Day 5 The Heart of Yasuni National Park

shutterstock_331872620_Spider Monkey Yasuni National Park

Early in the morning, you will visit Yasuni National Park, a pristine region of the Ecuadorian Amazon, home to the legendary pink river dolphin. In this area, you can also find anacondas, river turtles, and various primate species, as well as the colorful hoatzin, a unique bird known locally as the “stinky turkey”. In the afternoon, take a motorized canoe to a black-water lake, home to giant otters and the elusive manatee, and enjoy a pleasant hike in the riparian/gallery forest, with the chance to spot flocks of birds and marvel at the intricate organization of a colony of leaf-cutter ants.

Day 6 Kichwa Family & Life on board

Sun Deck Anakonda

Start the day off by visiting an authentic Kichwa family on the banks of the Napo River, where you will receive the opportunity to learn directly from members of the local community. Then board the Anakonda for lunch as the vessel continues upstream. Guests will participate in a cooking class with the on board expert chef and prepare exquisite traditional Ecuadorian foods. Guests are also invited to try their hand at traditional handcrafting or enjoy the on board facilities, including the Rainforest Spa, the spectacular view from the Amazon Hot Tub, cocktails at the Bar and Lounge, and stargazing from the Observation Deck.

Day 7 Forest Adventure & Observation Canopy Tower

Yasuni National Park Canopy Tower

Guests can relax and enjoy the Anakonda Amazon Cruise during the morning and disembark to explore the nearby forest and discover a myriad of animals and plant species endemic to the Amazon basin. In the afternoon, visit a canopy tower built against a giant kapok tree and take in the view from the top as you loom above the lush treetops and look down on the sheer vastness of the Amazon. In the evening take a canoe onto the river to search for black caimans by flashlight.

Day 8 Return to Coca


This is where your adventure ends! Enjoy the final part of your return journey, then disembark the Anakonda Amazon Cruise to take the motorised canoe 90 minutes back to Coca.

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