Sustainability in Patagonia at Cascada EcoCamp

Sustainability in Patagonia at Cascada EcoCamp

Equipped with solar panels, a micro-hydro turbine and composting toilets, Cascada EcoCamp is a leader in environmentally responsible travel and has been certified as an ISO14001 property, complying with high environmental standards. EcoCamp works hard to minimise the footprint of each visitor to Torres del Paine national park through development and implementation of green technology.

Cascada EcoCamp dome in Patagonia Chile

Semi-spherical structures minimise external surface area and temperature exchange through the walls giving guests maximum space whilst the dome retains warmth. The shape distributes wind stress evenly making the domes the best structure to endure the sometimes very powerful winds. The skylight offers natural lighting during the day and the ability to stargaze from the comfort of bed in the evening.

Night View Cascada Ecocamp Patagonia Chile

The design of the domes needs very little excavation as they are built on raised platforms and walkways with subtle lighting reduce the impact on native animals. The camp can me moved without leaving any mark that it was once there (as was done in 2005 when EcoCamp moved from Estancia Cerro Paine).

Cascada Ecocamp Patagonia Chile

The wood stoves use dead wood from the park and any packaging brought into the camp is recycled and organic matter fed to the pigs on a farm nearby. During treks through the park all waste is brought back to EcoCamp and disposed of properly. Guests reuse water flasks and zip-lock lunch bags.

Hiking Through Cascada Ecocamp

The composting toilets have been designed to ensure the compost process is active in such a cool climate and to reduce transport pollution all produce is purchased locally and furnishings created by local artists. Guests are encouraged to share their arrival transfer to reduce carbon emissions. In 2008 EcoCamp became a Carbon Neural company and their goal is to continue to reduce their omissions as much as possible and share their green developments with the tourism industry so other hotels can follow suit to ensure the beauty of Patagnia is protected for future generations.

Dining Room Cascada Ecocamp

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