Paddington Bear Spotted in Ecuador

Paddington Bear Spotted in Ecuador

Alex Burridge – South America Travel Centre

Okay so it’s not Paddington but a close relative, as these bears are in Ecuador and not from ‘Darkest Peru’ where the original Paddington hails from. The Andean Spectacled Bear is the only surviving species of bear native to South America; they are much smaller and more docile in nature compared with their North American cousins. Spectacled bears are not a threat to humans (just like Paddington), their diet consisting mostly of plants and berries.

The following video was taken by guests staying at Hacienda Zuleta a beautiful property less than two hours from Ecuador’s capital city Quito.

Hacienda Zuleta has a resident wildlife expert and biologist, Yann Potaufeu, explains: “the protection of the species stars with the protection of its ecosystem.” The team at Hacienda Zuleta has been safeguarding the forest and páramo land for decades now, and it is this conservation culture that makes Zuleta a perfect home for the Spectacled Bear.  Each Spectacled Bear comes with a set of unique ginger-coloured markings around the eyes. They have identified 31 bears that are frequently seen around the Hacienda. In addition to Spectacled bear work there is an ongoing project to help Ecuador’s threatened population of Andean Condors.

If you’re considering a trip to Ecuador or the Galapagos Islands a three night stay at Hacienda Zuleta is certainly worth considering and a hit with our clients.

Sample Itineraries in Ecuador

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